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2-28-15, Refinishing Cast Iron Cookware, Electrolysis, RCW Colors.
2-25-15, PiiholoRodeo.htm (working)
2-4-15, It was a long time coming but Polli's Restaurant is finally finished.
1-18-15, I found this image, Aloha Falls, on my hard-drive and made a webpage, good reflections.
9-21-14, (duplicate) Two miles from my house in Makawao is the Piiholo Rodeo. I'm still working on it only on location.
10-13-14, I found my first Byzantine type painting from 1969 and posted it. It's a shellac & ammonium carbonate, pictura translucida, with a mastic varnish finish. Painted on the tinfoil from a pack of cigarettes.
I was in Nahiku from 9-25-14 to 10-4-14
10-4-14, #1002 Blue Vase & Tropical Flowers, acrylic,11"x15"
10-2-14, #1000 Cutting Board w/ Pineapple & Strawberry Guavas, acrylic, 11"x7.5"
9-30-14, #1001 Dancing Chicken, 22"x15"
9-29-14, Don Jusko & Tom Booth "throwdown" (Tom's old girl friend has it)
9-27-14, #999, Tom's Velvet Carpet w/ Chickens, acrylic, 7.5"x11"
9-21-14, Two miles from my house in Makawao is the Piiholo Rodeo. Christophe, an RCW art teacher from Florida, was here visiting me and we painted a painting at the Piiholo Ranch. Mine isn't finished yet.
8/17/14 #998, Pink Tree, Makawao, Tacoma Tree, pinktreeeha.htm
8-01-14, Angles, colors subtracted with alcohol, lifepaintingDonOilAngels.htm
7-27-14, My Maui Map 2007. This one is uploaded but not linked anywhere yet.
6-08-14, Hexadecimal CMYK-RGB code
5-10-14, Protea 2024, Eha, pastelproteaEha5-10-14 htm
5-05-14, Jacaranda 2014, Kula Glen, Maui. jacaranda2014kulaglen5-5-14.htm
4-25-14, All HEX code color names with numbers. codenamenumbercolors.htm
4-11-14, Real Color Wheel Color-In Book pages 97.htm and 98.htm
3-31-14, Maile learned the 3 primaries in 6 minutes. 3colorsgradeschool.htm
2-25-14, Pigment color pages Finished 4-3-14, Index
12-21-13, Updating the whole site alphabetically.
9-27-13, Buon Fresco, Secco Fresco, Pre-fresco, Pages & Links Index, fresco.htm
8-31-13, Pigment Description Chart, realcolourwheel.htm
8-23-13, Pastel Cattleya Orchid
7-13-13, New Page, Brown is Dark Yellow, yellowbrownblue.htm
7-12-13, Updating the color description pages
6-23-13, All About Color-Ebook.htm, is finished.
6-22-13, AllAboutColor-Ebook.pdf is finished, download it.
5-30-13, Jacaranda 2013, Makawao School Crossing, Acrylic, #994
5-25-13, The EM section is getting changes to match new theories about light.
5-25-13, Hexadecimal codes, added tint codes to the shade codes.
5-14-13, Tartrazine, Opera, w/c paintings, 7-8-13, added a new pineapple w/c
5-11-13, Worked on and finished, All About Color Ebook pdf
3-2-13, This page, #35.htm has links to the newest pastel products.
2-10-13, Flowers in my backyard
2-4-13, Yellow Transparent Tartrazine (photos)
1-28-13, Articles, Reviews and Press Releases
1-27-13, New Forum, everything has been transfered.
1-3-13, RCW Color Form, interactive page, background color matching pigments.
Painting with three transparent primary colors, Oil, Acr. W/c. Fresco
12-17-12, Design RCW Templets, 12, 24, 36, 48, 60, 144, 288, 360, 432, 1080, 1152
All Acrylic Links, Painted on Location
WikiHow to Paint a Sky Using Acrylics
WikiHow to use the Real Color Wheel
2-25-12, Six Flying Angels, red wings on the male angles. working
11-1-11, Life Figure Painting Oils, Self Mirror Portrait #981
9-4-11, Polli's Restaurant acrylic #978, not finished

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Get started here, art.htm
Making your own panels and sitting easle for painting on location.
All Oil Transparent yellow pigments w/ images

A VW van painting studio is great for 22x30 and smaller, I use my steering
wheel as the easel and I took out the passenger seat for my painting supplies.


May bright colors be with you :)
Aloha from Maui, Hawaii
Don Jusko

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