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Pink Tecoma Tree, 8-17-14, 2014
Makawao, Maui

20x16 Acrylic on Masonite Hardboard, #998, 8-17-14


It's beautiful up here in Makawao.

Day 1, 8-17-14, drawing. First I coated the support with white. Start 1:00, end 3:30. Draw with charcoal, line with raw umber, erase the charcoal with a chamois. I ran out of bt. umber and used raw umber instead. Add flower pink, sunlit grass and sky blue.

The building shadow covered the view at 3:15. I had time and started the first coat of white from the van on my easel. The van is ready for the last coat of 2 part gloss finish and it's inspection due this month. My bike fits into the van and now and I have a rear carrying thing. I added a front basket in 2015 but don't use the bike much, it's too much trouble when I'm not on the road painting.

Day 2, 8-19-14, The umbrella went up so I could start earlier without the sun being on the painting.

Day 1 Day 2

Day 3, 8-20-14, I still haven't got a time down on this painting. This morning in the studio I touched up the sky getting it all even. The tubed color is Liquitex Light blue. It should be called light cyan. Today I painted from 10Am to 12Pm (noon), I came upstairs for some lunch and everything is still set up for my return.

Afternoon, tomorrow I may have 100% coverage but I know I won't be half finished. This tree is loaded with small branches. I could put them in with the "one stroke" technique, with a large hog flat or a hog fan brush but I won't.

I need a muffler, that took the morning and it's post-poned until Tues, today's Thursday. I painted from 1Pm to 3Pm and got the brighter leaves placed. There are still the branches to go. Day 3 was shot inside, Day 4 was shot outside in the sunlight.

Day 3 Day 4, 8-20-14

Day 5, Start at 11 Am, worked until 3 Pm. Darker pinks and yellows. Added twigs than green leaves. Tomorrow I may finish up. The day I started was the last great day, it has been downhill since than. Of course I didn't know that then, the flowers are almost gone today. Touched up sky. Used my fingers a lot, especially with transparent white on the reflected and sunlit flowers.

Day 5

Day 6, 10:30, I got the name of the tree, it's a Pink Tecoma. Don't ask me why or how but the tree's foliage came back! The ground is covered with new fallin flowers and the tree is back to full again, well not quite full but the flowers are all new. What a great day to finish up.

It's 11:33 and I had to come up to sing praises for Old Holland's Nickel Azo Brown - Lemon yellow transparent dual-toned acrylic paint. PY150, 36RCW#1.0.8. Is great, just like their oil paint. It glazes to a light lemon yellow from a yellow ocher deep mass-tone. Their PY153 orange side is good too.

8-23-14, 1:20, finished, love it. Shot at 6:30, the sky was near sunset at 7Pm.

Day 6

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