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Painting on Location

Six days painting in Nahiku, Maui
(five days of rain)

Tom & Emily Booth's House

Tom's House Full image

Emily Booth

Emily Day 1 Emily Day 2, 9-23-15

Tom Booth

Tom Booth under rain cover
Day 1 of 2 Day 2 finished

Don Jusko

Draw Day 1, the house is too short because of my wide view.

  I still have the attic vent slabs to add after raising the roof a half inch. Then give the area under the   house more room, add window panes & architectural shadows, finish the teas, the large clump of   plants needs more definition. Tom's painting is on my left, he built this rain shelter.

Roof raised

  A painting problem perhaps, I used a commercial Glidden Primer as gesso on this panel, I ran out of   my regular acrylic gesso. It is soaking up the water in my acrylic paint very fast, causing me to keep   adding water. This is only happening here in Makawao now, the humidity is 58% this morning, no   rain. This did not happen in Nahiku where it was raining every day.

  I'm going to test a small area, 50% poly on the right window pane area, with a water based gloss   polyurethane and paint on it when it dries. That may seal it, I know coating a gessoed support with   Tip: jar white acrylic aids painting in making the acrylic paint go on smoother.

  It will act as an isolation coating, now to cover the whole support panel.
  After I wash the painting of course.   The 50% coating didn't work so well, the primer is strong and I   still have the shadow under the eve to do. I'll give it another 50% coating.
  I wish I had finished the painting on location, it's taking too long doing it from a photo.
  But it rained all week and there was a storm coming.

  10-16-15, I'm doing the house tight and re-doing the window panes.
  To match a dry color is tough when mixing to match a transparent color wash,
  not counting that acrylics dry darker then when they are wet.

  Tip: Wet the dry color first to match the wet color going on.
  Tip: Transparent green & magenta (opposites) make black.
  Tip: Fingers always blend colors well.
  Tip: Black won't stick to polyurethane, maybe it used mass-tone will, other colors will. White mixed
  with black sticks just fine. It's better to stay with green & magenta as black.

  10-26-15, yesterday was the first time I ever saw it green from Kaupo to Makawao.
  I'm whiting in the leaves above the clump today, starting with the light sky reflected leaves and
  Now the middle and darker leaves.
  11-6-15. Still working on the leaves, not much but a little each day.
  11-7-15. The wall shadow on the left is done.
  11-11-15., finished, now a photo, a clear final coat and add a web page.


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