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Life Drawing Paintings

Maui Fine Art Gallery
Donald A. Jusko, Maui Artist
Painting on Location, en plein air

This beach is under the Kahului Airports flight path

This literaly is my back yard in Spreckelsville, Maui.

I transcribed this course into my computer here 20 yards from the ocean,
just over the hill in 1998.
This is #598, 9-1-04. I have the painting, 56"x48" in my house.
I'm repainting the back of the painting white,
then a coating of clear as the final with polyvinyl water based, it's scrubbable now.
Tomorrow in the morning I'll touch up the front. 3-23-16.
I Finished touching up the damage of it being too big for me to store myself.
I'll photo the image and hang it back on my wall today.

This is under the Kahului Airport flight path.
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