Painting on Location
with the Real Color Wheel
Color Oppositions

Yellow darkens with Brown as in Yellow Ocher and Mars Yellow.
Brown is dark Yellow.
Ultramarine Blue deepens to a neutral shadow color by adding it's opposite color Yellow,
either a Transparent Indian Yellow Brown/Side or Yellow already deepened to the Burnt Umber hue.
I could have had a full color image if I wanted to make a green by mixing yellow and blue, but I wanted to show just yellow and blue. I should have done a second painting..

Yellow Brown and Blue only.

Yellow is the undertone of brown as with the water color pigment of old, Burnt Beechwood Bark,
the organic plants "Turmeric" root and "curcuma" root, from India. Yellow to brown is also stated with the
crystals WAVELLITE and VESUVIANITE and many others.

It takes two transparent oppositions to mix neutral or one transparent and one translucent color,
two translucent colors, or one transparent and one opaque. Two opaque colors just won't do it.

Top-tone is adding White to the color.
Under-tone is adding clear.
Mass-tone is thick out of the tube.
Transparent is clear like colored glass.
Translucent is floating colloidal compounds of colored elements.
Milk is translucent.
Opaque is dense and light blocking, like a rock.
YYYY = As Yellow as you can get,
MMMM = pure Magenta
MMCC = Ultramarine Blue
CCCC = Thalo Cyan Blue

 Mass Ult. Blue
 Neutral Color
 Mass Burnt Umber
 Mass Burnt Sienna
 Mass Cad. Yellow

26.  MMCC, Blocks French Ultramarine Blue, translucent
 27.  Mussini Ultramarine Light, Translucent

These are the colors to mix to make a neutral dark from Blue and Yellow pigments.
Yellow pigments range from yellow to brown.

10.  Old Holland Indian Yellow-Brown Lake Extra, Transparent, duel-toned, 3_4_10
14.  Mussini Burnt Umber, Translucent, 1_1_14

WAVELLITE, Al3[PO4]2[OH,F]3.5H2O, H3.5, SG-2.36, orthorhombic crystal system,
acicular, like the needles of Rutile suspended in clear crystal, only these needle crystals form a dense rocklike mass.
ALUMINUM, yellow, brown, blue, centering standard, transparent. Aluminum really does it big this time, each needle starts at the center radiating outward, concentrically ringed bands form around the center, each band ending as a cleavage line, twenty or so bands per complete needle crystal. The band itself can change from clear transparent to opaque white while in the center, the second band range is transparent yellow crystal, than brown, than blue. From brown to blue, the crystal can change into an aggregate and lose it's crystal properties.


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