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10-25-04 Testimonial

msg= Hi Don, Send me a Zip of the RCW please. Yours is the first really useful colour wheel that I have found as it is good for photography as well as for paint. I'd like the zip so that it can be printed to A3 size for use as a teaching aid in a photography course in the UK.
Thanks in advance
Tom Merryweather

Tom, because of you're input I've added to the RCW-DVD. It now includes a printable 32"x32" RCW, a 11"x11", an 8"x8" RCW plus the original 5"x5" Real Color Wheel. Thanks!

Hooray! My 30 grams of Sennelier's Quinacridone Red, #679, for $55 w/ship arrived, 10-13-04. IT IS THE PERFECT TRANSPARENT MAGENTA, BAR NONE. It's Pigment Index Color Number is PR122. This is the dry pigment magenta you need for frescos. Other manufacture may clame to have it but only Sennelier does.

The perfect triad is:
Transparent Indian Yellow (warm yellow-brown) PY150 from Zecchi.
Or Transparent Indian Yellow (warm yellow-orange PG10F from Senopia, Oops, the color name/number was discontinued. Today, in 2009, the warm transparent Indian yellow can be found as PY153.
Transparent Indian yellow is also PY100, Tartrazine, for water based fresco, water colors and acrylic. You have to get the dry pigment and make your own medium, it's not in tubes yet, 12-31-2012. Make your own watercolors. RCWmakingPRIMARYwatercolor.htm
Transparent Quinacridone Red (neutral magenta) PR122 from Sennelier.
Transparent Phthalocyanine Blue (neutral cyan) PB15.3 from Senopia.
Keep this list as close to your heart as I do, it took testing over $2000 worth of pigments to find these gems. At the same time I got a great fresco complete palette.

Painting with a Transparent Triad Palette

First is transparent Indian yellow O/s then transparent Indian yellow Br/s

transparent Yellow

Oppositions, opaque red PR88 or cad red with transparent cyan PB15.3. Using each others color to make a neutral dark shadow.

transparent cyan

Oppositions Transparent Magenta PR122, Transparent Green PG35, using each other's color to make a neutral dark shadow.

transparent magenta

Transparent Triad Colors
Ultramarine blue ball, Indian yellow O/s ball, cyan and Indian yellow make green ball.
Magenta and cyan make purple ball, cyan and magenta make blue ball, Indian yellow and magenta make red ball.

transparent triad mixed colors

The black ball was made with the transparent triad.

triad black ball

Testing for black with PR122 and the full triad complement on a 14x18, making a very dark BUON FRESCO.

Latour Wine

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