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The American Artist June 2000 issue
with an interview
about my favorite mediums.

oil painting

These are two of the four page interview, the two with my paintings :) Click here for the Medium Page, unabridged.

oil painting

Why some artist love night scenes

From Dusk Till Dawn, Artist's Magazine, October 2005

This article talks about painting at night. This was the painting of my friend Jo's House, on Ohau 62 7x5SmMatJJoHouseCMYK.jpg

For almost 30 years I've worked on location, driving up and down the island of Maui to find scenes to paint. I paint from my mobile studio - a Volkswagen van - and use the steering wheel as an easel. Usually I paint whenever I see something worth painting, day or night. I paint what I see. If I don't like what I see, I move. The whole painting experience is about learning, and that's what's done from nature.
Click here for the Night Painting Lesson

oil paintingCMYK version Jo's House at Night

April 2006

"20 Unforgettable Places to Make Art"
Don Jusko, Maui, Hawaii.


"I came to Maui because it's one of the most beautiful and paintable locations on earth", says acrylic artist Don Jusko. "I've been painting here for 27 years now. It has forests, mountains, rivers, old buildings and ocean scenes - everything one could ever want to Paint". Jusko points out an added bonus: "the weather is great."


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