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Oil Palette Colors

Venetian Red

36 Real Color Wheel
RCW36#7.5.6  =  PR:101
#7 =color# (1 to 36),
.5 =pure to dark shade (0 to 10),
.6 =value (1=cool to 9=warm)

Blockx Venetian Red, opaque. I found this the perfect red oxide, better because it is a warm color and that is the mixing quality that I need. Other colors in this range like Indian Red, English Red and some cool Red Oxides just don't have what I need red oxide for. It is very dense, permanent and opaque.

The ASTM Names and Numbers codes need some revamping. Besides wrongly using red, yellow and blue as the primary colors they call PR:101, CAS 1309-37-1: Asphaltum, Caput Mortem, Burnt Sienna, Burnt Sienna Deep, Cadmium Red Orange, English Red, Indian Red, Italian Venetian Red, Red Oxide, Mars Brown, Mars Orange, Mars Violet, Pigment Red, Pompeiian Red, Pouzzole Red, Purple Ochre, Raw Sienna, Raw Umber, Burnt Umber and Sepia.

ASTM has those colors plus over 100 more names and colors all called Pigment Red 101 i.e. PR:101. So the "Pigment Color Number" shouldn't be used to define a color. Use the Real Color Wheel to mark and label where each color is on a color wheel.

For artists working with pre-made tube colors I have found it is best to have a 360 color wheel with 10 of pure color using 10 dark shades and 10 tints for each color. The 36RCW maps all the in-gamut colors made or that will ever be made. There is also an RGB 36RCW for computers and a 360RCW with 1 colors for commercial color matching.

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