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Timed Life Drawing

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1 minute, charcoal & fingers, 1st session, July, 2009

   2 min. w/ shammy eraser

5 minutes

10 minutes

60 minutes

60 minutes, I need more time or get faster.

60 minutes, pastel is faster than pencil.

15 minutes, new soft synthetic charcoal pencil over chalk

1 hour, I drew first with the chalk and defined with the synthetic charcoal pencil. 5-12-9

10 min, 8-19-9

15 min. 8-19-9

30 min. 8-19-9

15 min. 8-19-9

5 min, 8-26-9


9-2-9, 45 minutes, I'll never let the body be covered again while I'm practicing. It takes extra time.

9-9-9, 45 minutes, butcher paper,
very fugitive.

9-23-9, Testing different drawing media for life drawing sessions. Sight with one eye, draw with two.


11-14-9, the model left early so I didn't get to finish. We haven't seen the last of that red satin.



11-4-9, 30 minutes

11-16-9, 1 hour


12-2-9, one hour

12-8-9, The model was late, 20 min. on the bananas.

I mistakenly came early tonight, I started the skull highlights when the model arrived.

12-8-9, first 2 hour sitting.

12-14-9, second 2 hour sitting. Christmas break.

12-16-9, A one hour and a 10 minute pastel.
I bought a new hemp paper drawing pad and it holds the texture much stronger than the colored paper so it took longer to fill it. I didn't get the picture finished but it does show an intermittent stage close to finished.

Don Jusko Pastel

I've been working other projects and have neglected life drawing for thirteen months and I can tell. Even though I was using my fastest technique, holding all the colors I was using in one hand I still was slow. This was 45 minutes or one hour, I didn't write it down. I didn't even have time for a background while everyone in our group was finished. We don't have many 2 hour poses which I like very much. A 3 hour pose would be like heaven. I can only imagine a full background and a finished pose where I can get to my finishing pastel pencils.

In an age of plastic surgery, the female body is often regarded in the light of what we see on magazine covers. Though beautiful in their own right, the altered female form (via aesthetic plastic surgery) will also improve the final look on canvas. Linked here are images of the female form without and with augmentation, alteration. The result is perfectly beautiful as nature intended.

1-27-11, Wailuku, Maui, 20 minutes

1-27-11, Wailuku, Maui, this is one hour.

3-25-11, Wailuku, Maui

60 minutes

4-6-11, Wailuku, Maui, this is 1/2 hour.

front view sit BW
4-6-11, Wailuku, Maui, this is 1/2 hour.

front view sit color

4-6-11, Hand and side skull
Hand and side skull

4-13-11, 3 minutes plus making the dark enhancing outline.
3 minutes

4-28-11, We had the model from NY again, she was great, held a pose great, good muscle tone. I did two one hour poses. It's such a good feeling to know she's really holding the pose, you can jump   anywhere around the image. I start with two extreme dots eg. head and foot following an "action/flow/weight line. 4 1/4 heads down to the top space between the legs is the 3rd dot. Four heads up from the feet is the wide "bend" line triangle connecting to the 3rd dot. The next triangle is the hip bone outside dots down to the 3rd dot. 1/4 head below the head is the shoulder line leaving the neck blank. Draw the shoulder width and 1/4 head end circles. Connect the nipples across the action line, draw the 3D grid shaped contour center line of the torso. The knee is two head lengths up, draw two 1/4 head circles for the knees.

Draw the head circle and the face centerline in the circle, now is a good time to add the horizontal eye circling around the middle of the head and the eye centers, add the nose, lips and chin lines. Now I am ready to draw in the 3D blocked-in shapes if I want to. Oil and fresco yes because while it's wet you paint over your lines, w/c and pastels not so much.

Here is a 1 min, 3 min, and 60 minute pose in pastel.

Jackie, 1 min.Jackie, 3 min.

Jackie, the girl from NY 1 hr

5-13-11, I've gotten faster then when I started life drawing two years ago. Before that being in my van and painting all over the island it was very hard to come back to the same location each week for sessions.


5-13-11 one hour
Justin White

I was drawing under a yellow light and the orange pastel had an ocher look which is what I thought I was using :( it also gave the dark magenta a burnt umber look. :( I don't like the colors. 5-19-11, tomorrow's my 70th birthday, just say'in.

5-26-11, Tonight's session was rough. The two one hour poses were over in 45 minutes each.


6-2-11, Tonight's session was great, we had an hour 45 minute pose. We are also talking about a 4 hour pose session.


6-9-11, Tonight's session was the best in a while, we had a two hour pose. This was the first time here at Phil Sabado's Studio sessions I had time to add any background. I'm getting faster :), come join us Thursday 6 to 9, 808-249-0980




Draw the bodies curve line from the top of the head to the weighted foot. Divide it in half, that's the bend line. The bend line is a triangle to the space between the legs. Make this triangle two head widths wide and one quarter of a head deep. The belly button and nipples are good placement points. The frontal view of the shoulder line is two head lengths wide for a guy. Knees are two heads up from the bottom of the heel. Elbows reach the hip bone. The hip bone trunk triangle starts a half head above the bend line and connectes to the space between the legs.
This is a 1 hour 45 minute pastel.



7-1-11, Last night I switched to oil paints. I oiled down the canvas and drew with the brush. It was fine but there was too much oil down and I couldn't erase correctly with the brush. You can't use turpentine to erase with because it bleeds, it has to be oil.

Female oil

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