Painting on Location
by Donald A. Jusko

22 Maui Jacaranda Tree Paintings - Link Page

Index to 300 Paintings of Maui

Early Spring Jacaranda

5-20-2 Early Spring Jacaranda, acrylic

Jacaranda 3,000 Ft.

Jacaranda 3,500', acrylic

Jacaranda 3,500 Ft.

Jacaranda 3,000', oil

Silver Oak and Jacarandas, 03-21-03

Silver Oak and Jacarandas, acrylic, 03-21-03

Morning Jacaranda Trees in Keokea

Morning Jacaranda Trees, Keokea, #897 15x22 Acrylic on Panel, April 24th 2003

Painting with a Knife

Painting with a Knife, oil

Acrylic painting

Jacaranda Trees, Kula, Maui, 4-11-3, acrylic, #830

Jacaranda Trees, Keokea

Jacaranda Trees, Keokea to West Maui, 7:30 A.M. acrylic

Oil painting 30x22

Sunday, May 15th, 2005. Jacaranda Oil Painting plus Four Others

Mary Queen of Angels
Mary Queen of Angels, Keokea, Maui, acrylic

wax and Mastic 6 paintings

Mastic and Wax Media Jacaranda Painting on Location, Kula, plus 5 other paintings

Jacaranda, Kula, Maui, acrylic painting, 22x30

Migueal's Jacaranda, Kula 2006, acrylic

Jacaranda and Century Plant, Maui, Hawaii

Jacaranda Tree and Century Plant, acrylic

Jacaranda and Holy Ghost Church

7:30 AM, Jacaranda Tree and Holy Ghost Church, acrylic<

Tip: Ultramarine blue darkens in chroma by adding Magenta, just like Cad Red will darken to Cad Red Medium with the addition of magenta.

Jacaranda at the Kula Post Office

Kula Post Office Jacaranda Tree 2007, acrylic

day 5, finished

Day 5, Finished. For such a small painting, this one sure took a long time.
I wouldn't stop until I liked it. Sometimes it takes awhile.

Finished, 5-15-8, Don Jusko

Acrylic 11x15 on hot pressed masonite covered with linen canvas, 5-15-8, #951, acrylic

Finished, 5-15-8, Don Jusko

Giclee w/ painted figures, 11x15 on hot pressed masonite.

TIP: Photograph your washed and unglazed art work in bright shade (no sun and a lot of sky) for a saturated image.

Jacaranda 2009, Lower Kula Road, Maui, Hawaii

Jacaranda, 6-6-9, #963, Lower Kula Road, Maui, Hawaii, 6-6-9, #963

Jacaranda, donated to Seabury Hall 2008, Maui, HI

Finished 3 color Jacaranda Makawao P.O. 2010

Painting Jacarandas with 3 transparent primary colors, 2010, water color

Finished 3 color Jacaranda Makawao P.O. 2010

Jacaranda 2013, Makawao School Crossing, #994

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Jacaranda Paintings from 2002 to 2008

5-20-2 Early Spring Jacaranda Acrylic
6-5-2 Highest Jacaranda 4,000 Ft. Oil
6-15-2 Jacaranda and Driveway 3,500 Ft. Oil
3-21-3 Silver Oak and Jacarandas 2,000 Ft. Acrylic
#897 4-24-3 one Acrylic three Knife Oils
4-29-3 to 5-7-3 Oil
4-11-3 Acrylic 30x22
5-21-3 3,000 Ft. Acrylic
June, 2005, Kula, Copal Medium, Oil Medium, Water Color Medium
5-22-3 Knife Paintings Oil
5-27-03 /acrylic
4-26-5 mastic and wax
May 2005, 2 Oil, 1 Mastic and Wax, 2 watercolors
May 31 2016, jacaranda kula, acrylic 11x15 file://localhost/Users/donjusko/Desktop/Directories%20Mine/WD840GBHD%20Directory/!CD_Real_Color_Wheel%20Directory%20Full/!CD_Real_Color_Wheel/sitetree.htm
4-26-6 Mike's house Acrylic
4-29-7 to 5-9-7 Oil
5-10-7 to 5-20-7 Holy Ghost Church Acrylic
5-10-7 to 5-20-7 Kula Post Office Jacaranda Acrylic
5-18-10, 3 Jacaranda Water Colors 2010 with 3 primary colors

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