Painting on Location
by Donald A. Jusko

Don Jusko American Artist


I would like to present an exceptional drawing artist

Esculturas Viruais
João Ricardo Spagnollo

  "Aqui podem visitar-se as Esculturas Virtuais e outras obras de João Ricardo Spagnollo. Trata-se de obras completas, complexas e sinérgicas, inovadoras na perspectiva tecnológica, consubstanciando-se como um néctar para a vista e o espírito. São lenitivo para o materialismo militante que nos envolve e espargem sentimentos e idéias de que a Humanidade muito anda carecida. O Mundo só poderá ser mudado, ou reformatado, através da criatividade precursora de artistas e poetas quando evidenciam o Mal numa perspectiva
pedagógica e criam o Bem através das suas obras explícitas ou subliminares. Parabéns a este grande artista, arquitecto construtor de pontes e Humanidade."

This is the translation I got puting his heading into Babel Fish.

"Here the Sculptures Virtual and other workmanships of João Ricardo Spagnollo can be visited. One is about, complex and synergic, innovative collected works in the technological perspective, consubstanciando itself as a nectar for the sight and the spirit. They are lenitivo for the militant materialism that involve in them and scatter feelings and ideas of that the Humanity very walks lacked. The World alone could be changed, or reformatted, through the precursory creativity of artists and poets when they evidence the Evil in a pedagogical perspective and create the Good through its explicit workmanships or subliminares. Congratulations to this great artist, arquitecto constructor of bridges and Humanidade."

Contact João Ricardo Spagnollo
Let me let his work speak for itself. I received his email directing me to this cover page.

I took these drawings from this link on that page. Go here to see more of his work.

This is the only webpage I have about drawing only.
I have my own lifedrawing page but here is where I shell put my drawing from life, along with João's.
Every painting takes a drawing first, mine are usually just accurate pattern outlines.

His webpage

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