Dioxine Purple Ultramarine Blue Cobalt Blue Thalo Cyan Blue Turquoise transparent Green Opaque Thalo Green
Burnt Umber Real Color Wheel in Pigments CenterW Permanent Green Light
Burnt Sienna Top Space
Venetian Red Yellow Green Opaque CENTER
Yellow Oxide bottom SPACE
Naples Yellow Light Green Gold Transparent Bottom
Magenta Rembrandt Rose Cadmium Red Medium Cadmium Orange Indian Yellow Gold transparent Cadmium Yellow Medium Cadmium Yellow Pale

Drawings to Color-In, on your computer

Drawn and painted on location at Maui's Iao Valley Stream.
This is the drawing before I painted it in with each pattern completely enclosed like a watercolor.
Download the aerial perspective chart to pick colors from.

Real Color Wheel link

The Aerial Palette for 10 Concentric Rings.

Aerial Palette

The water is rushing over the rocks, coming from high in the W. Maui mountains.

There are 33 different bit-mapped drawing available for you.

Also available are twenty finished 11x14 drawings of Maui in a good paper
book that can be painted in with pastels, watercolor, acrylics or oil paint.
The cover is a hand dot serigraph limited edition.

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