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Making Transparent Primary Water Color and Acrylic Paint
with Spectra Color's pigments

An Email from Spectra Colors, February 03, 2011

This is used more often for magenta in inkjet inks these days. Therefore, I am sending a sample of this dye as well. Please see pricing information below.
As always, please let me know when you need something else, or have questions. Thank you!

Product number = 4.RE.0195L0
Product description = Spectra Fix Red 195 Liq.
Price /LB = $8.20
Standard drum = 450 LB
Technical name, Magenta, 4.RE.0195L0, Spectra Fix Red 195 Liq. (too red)

100 to Standard Drum
$ 1.00 /LB
25 - 99 lbs
$3.00 /LB
15 - 24 lbs
$5.00 /LB
2 - 14 lbs
$10.00 /LB
25 lbs
$0 .25 /LB
2 - 24 lbs
$12.00 /LB
25 lbs
$ 1.00 /LB
2 - 24 lbs
$12.00 /LB

REPACKING INTO SMALLER DRUMS: Your prices are given for standard drums and the standard drum weights are listed above. You have the option of having the drums repacked into a smaller size from 2 LB (our smallest package) or larger. Our largest package is a full tote.

We normally charge for repacking (see schedule of charges under Technical Dyes below on right). But the first time you order a new dye, we waive the repacking charge in appreciation for your business. If you have questions concerning this pricing information, please let me know.

Conditions of Sales

QUOTES: We quote our products in U S A dollars on a per pound basis, and in standard drum size as listed. These prices are subject to change without notice after 15 days from quotation date. Call or e-mail your Sales representative or Customer Service Department for current quotations.

STANDARD DRUM: Listed with price above or upon request.
MINIMUM ORDER: 2 LB of one color
TECHNICAL DATA AND PRICE LIST: These are available for many industries. Ask us for information on dyes used in your particular applications.
PAYMENT TERMS: 1% 10, Net 30 Days
FREIGHT TERMS: F.O.B. Kearny, NJ. The freight is prepaid and added to your invoice according to the product and weight.

Mary Valentine
Manager, FDA Colorants
Tel: 618 340 3040
Fax: 618 295 3070
Email: MaryValentine@SpectraColors.com
Customer Service: 800-527-8588

Spectra Colors Corporation
25 Rizzolo Road
Kearny, NJ 07032 USA

International: 201 997 0606 F: 201 997 0504
USA: 800 527 8588 F: 800 635 1811

Chief Chemist, Sal Harfouch, Harfouch@SpectraColors.com

I have all the information on transparent yellow pigment. I have the transparent yellow and Opera Magenta pigment in watercolors and acrylics. You can make them yourself or buy them from me.

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