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Irene Hana Oil Portraits

Started 6-10-12, Ended 6-18-12, #989

Irene is a neighbor of mine. I started by oiling down the panel and painting with burnt sienna. The first setting took one hour, I'm a bit rusty.. I was planning on two hours but she had an appointment.

First hour

At this point I had added a dark with the 3 transparent primaries, it's too neutral dark but black and neutral gray are her hair colors and the forms are taking shape.

Day 2, No photo, I added color to it inside the same patterns while she wasn't here including the purple dress. 6-11-12, I changed to colors to a cad red an ult blue opposition.
I hated to quit for the night before I got the eye and pupil finished. Tomorrow she is going to bring the purple dress.

Day 3, She brought the dress so I got more of the neck finished, fixed the right eye, worked all over the face. I'm getting a cold and had to quit.


Day 4, 6-18-12, I put the paint on rather thick. It was dry enough to add the finish on 7-5-12 but I haven't yet.


New Portrait 6-21-12 Side view. 8x10, Start 5PM, about 10 min in. We went another week without doing any work. I added in the pencel, the brush-work was very accurate. 7-10-12 It's hard to get Irene here to sit. Total=6hr55min.

1th day

Start Irene, 7-16-12, 4:50, to 5:57. The old paint is dry, adding darker colors. I got the face and neck base colors in, next should be the shadows and highlights. Colors: white, Naples yellow deep, Sennelier Trans. Brown, yellow ocher, OH Brilliant yellow-reddish and ult. blue. 6:25 start, added the darks, next blend them out, end 6:40. As I paint I keep getting thicker and thicker paint. I'm still at the thin stage.6:46 to 7:05. 2:09 today, 2:20 Total= 8hr15min

2nd day

Day 3, 7-19-12. 4:10to4:52=42. 5:05to5:30=25. 5:35to5:45=10 =77min= 1:17= total day. I finished most of the face, The cheek is too red but I want to work backwards on it. The neck, shoulders and dress should be one 2 hour session. Total=9hr30min

Day 4, 7-22-12, Start 1:04 to 1:35. 1:45 to 2:55. 3:10 to 3:43. Tot=129min=2hr9min. I blocked the background and hair in. Added the ear and abalone earring. Most of the face is done, I have to change the area under the nose, it shows up now like it's dirty. Last time I forgot to put my palette in the freezer so I was painting with old paint. I have to make up a new palette today, clean 5 brushes and smooth out my background. Because I am painting with just turpentine a lot of the areas won't blend well, I'll need new paint.

Day 5, 7-28-12. I cleaned up the edges, added more around he eyes, still have the earring, hair and the finish touch up to do. Another sitting should do it.

Day 6, 8-11-12, Irene forgot to wear the right abalone earrings so I'll work on her eye and hair. 3:07 to 3:27. Working on the hair. 3:41 to 3:51, 4:45 to 5:15


Day 7, 9-2-12, 5:30 Pm, Yellow brown and blue wash turning silver into golden hair. Made the forhead eyebrow connection more of an angle and cleaned up some edges. 6:30 Pm, only the mother-of-pearl earring to finish.

Day 8, 9-8-12, Finished

7th day

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