Painting on Location
by Donald A. Jusko

colour cat

US Navy, VFP-62 Ports of Call, 1963-65

Forestal, Shangri-La, Saratoga,

I was on three detachments;

1963 USS Saratoga DET-60,

1965, Six months, U.S.S, Shangri-La DET-38, LCDR Lindsey, LCDR Hood, LT Bronk, LTJG Deputy, LTJG Green.

1965 USS Forestal DET-59, we flew the F8U-1P. I think this was VFP-62's heyday. John McCall, C.B. Wilhelmy, J.R. Lingley, Bill Taylor, B.F.(Skip) Staub were our photo pilots in on Det-60, 1963, maybe LT. Baucom also.

One of our first ports of call, after Gibraltar, was Barcelona, Spain.
The Prado was impressive. I went to Madrid in a plane that had wind blowing inside.

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I really did love Paris, I went back twice.

Don Jusko in Paris

I stayed overnight at their barracks, I think it was Malta. We woke up in the morning to Avi Maria over their intercom system.


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