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Painting Maui Hawaii on Location
"En Plein Air is Painting on Location"

La Perouse
South Maui

11x15 Acrylic on linen panel, 1979

   Not many people that visit Maui get this far back around the island.  A normal car can't get here. You have to have at least a high wheeled van if not a 4 wheel drive jeep. That was my first VW air cooled van back in 1976-1979. I never went that far past Makena again, the roads were all dirt back then, today they are all paved with high rises up to and including in Makena Beach. At one time while up in Kula I counted 17 building cranes in Kihei, it was called our State bird.

   Here are the 12 colors I use every time I set up my acrylic palette.  1. Cadmium Yellow Medium,  2. Cadmium Orange,  3. Cadmium Red Light, 4. Acra Violet,  5. Yellow Ocher,  6. Red Oxide,  7. Burnt Sienna,  8. Burnt Umber,  9. Dioxazine Purple, 10. Ultramarine Blue,  11. Thalo blue,  12. Phthalo (Thalo) Green.

   These colors are at the ready, Cad Red Medium, Scarlet Red, Naphthol Crimson, Cadmium Lemon Yellow Pale and  Turquoise Deep. This painting was done about 1979, Indian yellow hadn't caught my attention yet and I hadn't painted my first 3 color painting. What a difference 37 years can make.. 40 years, I paint a lot of 3 color works now 5-16-16

54, La Paruse Maui, Acrylic

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