3 Primary Colors
Don Jusko, Painting Maui, Hawaii

Painting Maui Hawaii on Location
"En Plein Air is Painting on Location"

Lahaina Banyan Tree

Painted in 1976, Maui, Hawaii, 11x7.5

  (Much later)  These 21 colors are a very complete oil, acrylic and water color palette, not every one is used every time. Some of these colors can be replaced internally. Because or for instance, Indian yellow, Thalo Blue and Quinacridone Magenta will make a neutral dark, so you can paint a complete painting with only three pigments. Acrylics have new colors, Golden has a Nickel Complex Azo = PY150 brown-side and PY153 an orange-side Indian yellow, Acra Gold quinacridone. PY150 is a dual-toned brown to yellow that transforms through a burnt sienna hue, this color is simular to O.H.'s Indian Yellow Brown Lake Extra mass-tone and makes a acrylic triad.

Acra Red-Orange is a transparent quinacridone, a transparent red oxide color that mixes into a neutral dark with translucent ultramarine blue like opaque red oxide.

All pigment links 00. White, 01. Nickel Titan cool Yellow, 02. Lemon Yellow 03. Cadmium Orange, 04. Cadmium Red Light, 05. Naples Yellow Light, 06. Indian Yellow Brown Lake Extra, 07. Magenta Quinacridone, 08. Yellow Ocher, 09. Venetian Red, 10. Burnt Sienna, 11. Burnt Umber, 12. Purple, 13. Ultramarine Blue, 14. Cobalt Blue 15. Thalo Blue, 16. Opaque Green Light 17. Permanent Green Light 18. Thalo Green Y/side, 19. Hookers Green, 20. Yellow-green. 21. Green Gold

Warm Magenta plus Thalo Green make the perfect Neutral Dark for the foreground.

Ultramarine Blue plus Burnt Umber (dark yellow, orange and red) make another perfect neutral, it has a big range of warm and colors on each side of neutral. Red turns to a burnt umber color as it gets darker with cyan or ultramarine blue, passing through red oxide.

The coolest dark triad on the palette mixes Thalo Blue with Cadmium Red Medium, a perfect dark to light, neutral gray. This mixture has a very short range of neutral however because of the opaque red. Big range of browns though.

Purple and Orange will make an opaque Burnt Sienna.

Cadmium Orange, Cadmium Red Medium and Bt. Sienna will make a good opaque Venetian Red.

Cadmium Lemon Yellow and Bt. Sienna will make Yellow Ocher.

Ultramarine Blue and Bt. Sienna will make Bt. Umber. 

Cobalt Violet Light Phosphate, (Cool Magenta) or Magenta and Thalo Blue will make Violet, Purple, Ultramarine Blue, or Azure.  Azure will tint to Cobalt Blue.

Acra Violet, later called Magenta Quinacridone by Danial Smith, makes an excellent neutral dark mixed with Thalo Green. Mixed with Thalo Blue it will make a fair Violet, Purple, Ultramarine Blue, or Azure (cobalt blue).

1996, I'm just putting together a color wheel that will give all these colors with their placements. It will replace the red-yellow-blue color wheel as far as I'm concerned. Later I called it the Real Color Wheel, all opposite colors mix shadow colors and neutral dark colors.

Lahaina Banyan Tree with Oil Mixing Tips
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