Drawing and Painting on Location
by Donald A. Jusko
Villa Tamarinda, Kaupo, Maui, Hawaii
22x30, acrylic on panel

 July 22, 2002

Day 11, July 22

The blue wash on the arches is the color of the mortar, I'll paint the red bricks on top of it. It seems easier then painting around the bricks. Naphthol Crimson and Acra Red are the colors of the front pillars. those two colors are usually not on my palette. I got the post moved in the rafters, I left it rough because the rafters are not done yet.

Back in the painting "Jo's House on Ohau" I noticed the strange behavior of the buildings getting wider at the top instead of all the buildings going up to a terrestrial vanishing point. Today I figured out why.. When you look at something vertical at eye level, like the pillars here. And look at them with your head still and with one eye closed. If your head is level, the objects act normaly with a astral and terrestrial vanishing point. If I lower my head and have to look up to see the pillars they seem to expand on the way up and out. When I painted Jo's painting, my level view saw those tall buildings when I looked up. Similar to seeing these pillars which are in my normal Level with head down and eyes up. I'm painting with my head level.

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