Painting on Location
by Donald A. Jusko

Aerial Perspective, Ring #1

The values of color in perspective are called "Aerial Perspective".
The values of colors in these 10 concentric (circle) rings changes in each ring.
The value of each hue should not be duplicated in another ring.
The most Intense colors are only  present in this foreground ring, Ring #1.
Ring #1 is the closest concentric ring around you, you being in the center of that ring.
It's only up to 10 yards in front, around and behind you.
making the strongest oppositions and the sharpest contrasts. 

Transparent Magenta and Transparent Green. They will make your darkest black neutral mixing color.
These are combinations of the six primary and secondary colors that will make a neutral gray.
Shadows can be warm, cool or neutral. Morning shadows are cool.
Use these 3 different combinations of pigments to make your shadow colors at high noon
in this first ring 10 yards around you.
Use warm Burnt Umber and cool Ultramarine Blue to mix your Ring #1 cool darks in the morning.
The darkest shadow color at high noon sunny day is a mix of Quinacridone Magenta and Thalo Green.
Warm Cadmium Red Opaque and cool Transparent Thalo Blue are the third major complementary pigment sets to make a neutral dark black transparent combination color for shading Red or Cyan.  

Magenta and Green shadow colors.
Cyan and Red shadow colors.
Yellow and Ult. Blue shadow colors.

Ring #1 colors are in the first left column.
Each of the 10 columns represent one concentric ring around you. In the left column are primary and secondary colors as seen in Ring #1. The last column on the right is Concentric Ring #10, 100 miles or more away from you.

From ring #2 outward, Thalo Green and Dioxine Purple mixed together are slowly replacing the mixing mixture of Quinacridone Magenta and Thalo Green as the shadow colors.

Ring #3 is twenty five to fifty yards away from you. The colors are less intense to any discriminating eye. Twenty five yards of air can make a big difference, even on a clear day.

Ring #4. 100 to 500 yds. out. Full palette Colors are muted, you could never confuse a color from the fifth ring with the third ring. You mute colors by tinting them lighter and by using the color of air. Transparent Purple and Green mixed together form the blue of air color.

Ring #5 is about 2 miles away. Yellow is still very visible as are dull reds. Now you can really see the effects of aerial perspective and adding the color of more air to the local color. Purple and Green mix to the blue color of  air.

Ring# 6. five to ten miles away, COMPLETELY switch opposition palettes from normal Magenta and Green to a split complementary. The Purple and Green split complementary combination color is the basic color in the distance.

Ring# 7 is from 10 to 20 miles away.

Ring #8 is fifty miles away.

Ring# 9 is 50 to 100 miles away.

Ring #10 is more than 100 miles away. See how all three color oppositions in the first ring finally look the same by the time they are seen in Ring #10.

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