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Real Color Wheel Pencils

Prismacolor 72 Pencil Set

This is the Prismacolor 72 color set mounted on the Real Color Wheel

10 shadow blocks to neutral dark, 10 tint blocks to white, and 36 colors around the wheel.
RCW#(color).(value- tint or shade).(temperature- warm to cool )
The left pencil is lighter tint of the right pencil, shadows to the right

RCW#36.0.5 Yellow Green /**/ PC1004 Yellow Chartreuse
RCW#36.6.5 Lt Raw Umber Oxide /**/ PC941 Raw Umber Light
RCW#36.10.5 Raw Umber /**/ PC947 Dark Umber
RCW#36.10.5 Raw Umber /**/ PC948 Raw Umber
RCW#1.0010.9 Tint Yellow /**/ PC914 Cream
RCW#1.0.1 Lemon Yellow /**/ PC1011 Deco Yellow
RCW#1.0.2 Hansa Yellow /**/ PC915 Lemon Yellow
RCW#1.0.3 Bismuth Yellow /**/ PC916 Canary Yellow
RCW#1.2.5 Yellow Ocher Pale /**/ PC940 Sand
RCW#1.3.5 Yellow Ocher /**/ PC942 Yellow Ocher
RCW#1.5.5 Yellow Ocher DP /**/ PC1004 Golden Rod
RCW#1.8.5 Burnt Umber Lt /**/ PC946 Dark Brown
RCW#1.10.5 Black w/ Burnt Umber /**/ PC947 Dark Umber
RCW#2.1.5 Cad Yellow Med /**/ PC917 Sunburst Yellow
RCW#3.3.5 Indian Yellow Og/s /**/ PC1009 Spanish Orange (dual-tone pencil)
RCW#3.000.1 Tint Yel-Org-brw /**/ PC997 Beige
RCW#3.0.5 Cad Yell Dp /**/ PC10002 Yellowed Orange
RCW#3.10.5 Bt Umber /**/ PC947 Dark Umber
RCW#4.0.5 Cad Orange /**/ PC919 Orange
RCW#4.6.5 Burnt Ocher /**/ PC943 Burnt Ocher
RCW#4.6.5 Bt Sienna /**/ Pc945 Sienna Brown
RCW#5.0.5 Tint Vermillion /**/ PC921 Pale Vermillion
RCW#5.10.5 Bt Umber /**/ PC947 Dark Umber
RCW#6.0.5 Tint /**/ PC926 Carmine Red
RCW#6.10.5 Bt Umber /**/ PC947 Dark Umber
RCW#7.0.5 Cad Red Lit /**/ PC922 Poppy Red
RCW#7.6.9 Red Oxide /**/ PC944 Terra Cotta
RCW#8.0.5 Cad Red Med /**/ PC924 Crimson Red
RCW#8.8.5 /**/ PC937 Tuscan Red
RCW#9.0.5 Cad Red Deep /**/ PC925 Crimson Lake
RCW#9.8.5 /**/ PC937 Tuscan Red
RCW#12 Rembrandt Rose /**/ PC930 Magenta
RCW#13.005 Tint magenta /**/ PC994 Process Red
RCW#13.0.5 Magenta /**/ PC995 Mullberry
RCW#15.0.5 Manganese Violet /**/ PC931 Dark Purple
RCW#16.005.5 Tint Purple /**/ PC1008 Perma Violet
RCW#16.0.5 Purple /**/ PC932 Violet
RCW#19.005.5 Tint Ultramarine Violet /**/ PC1007 Imperial Violet
RCW#19.0.5 Ultramarine Blue /**/ PC902 Ultramarine Blue
RCW#19.2.5 Ultramarine Violet /**/ PC933 Violet Blue
RCW#25.003.5 Thalo Blue tint /**/ PC903 True Blue
RCW#25.6.5 Thalo Blue /*/ PC1027 Peacock Blue
RCW#25.8.5 Thalo Blue /*/ PC906 Copenhagen Blue
RCW#25.10.5 Thalo Blue Dp Mass-tone PC901 /*/ Indigo Blue
RCW#27.0.5 Turquoise /*/ PC905 Aquamarine
RCW#31.0.5 Thalo Green B/s /*/ PC1005 Parrot Green
RCW#31.6.5 Black w/ Thalo Green B/s /*/ PC909 Grass Green
RCW#33.005.5 Tint Thalo Green Y/s /*/ PC913 Spring Green
RCW#33.6.5 Black w/ Thalo Gr. Y/s /*/ PC912 Apple Green
RCW#35 Vivid Lime Green /*/ PC389 Chartruse
RCW#36.0.5 Yellow Green /*/ PC1004 Yellow Chartreuse
RCW#36.6.5 Raw Umber Light N/A /*/ PC941 Raw Umber Light
RCW#36.10.5 Raw Umber /*/ PC947 Dark Umber
RCW#36.10.5 Raw Umber /*/ PC948 Raw Umber

Pantone has a magenta ink, C=0, Y=0, M=100% K=0 used to print their Pantone Process Color System Guide. This ink matches the magenta color ink that I print with on my giclee printer. This is the same color on my Real Color Wheel that matches water colors, acrylics and oil paints. This color is Color Index Number PR:122. The paint I first found perfect was from Liquitex, back when it was still called by them Acra Violet, it's been called Magenta now for a long time. Back then the only transparent yellow was from Old Holland as an oil paint. I guess the first acrylic transparent yellow paint was my own. I got the best Indian Yellow color match from a pigment dealer in Florence and made it.

Pencils and Pastels and crayons need pressure, lighter colors are not generally made using less pressure, it takes another pencil color. Magenta, PR:122 is Prismacolor's #995 Malberry. This is a full hue magenta that in watercolors would be thinned down to make pink. In pencil use #994 called Process Red as the lighter tint of magenta. Both make good darks with green. Put the green down first and last.

Prismacolor 1003 Spanish Orange is a dual-toned pencil. Light rubbing with is will give a lighter hue of yellow. It shows up more with an alcohol wash.





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