"En Plein Aire is Painting on Location"
Oil Palette Colors

Mussini Ultramarine Light
 36RCW#19.2, opaque/translucent, PB:29

Mussini Ultramarine Light, Translucent
 Ultramarine Blue Lt. & Dk. are opposit these colors on the
36RCW#1.0 to #1.10 Yellow-to-Brown wedge of color.

 YYYY, Mussini Cadmium Yellow Lemon, Opaque
Mussini Cadmium Yellow Lemon

 Mussini Yellow Raw Ocher, opaque
Mussini Yellow Raw Ocher, opaque

 Mussini Translucent Yellow Oxide, translucent
Mussini Translucent Yellow Oxide

 Mussini Burnt Umber, Translucent
Mussini Burnt Umber, Translucent

A painting with only these colors, rcwA1ultblue.htm
There was no Indian Yellow when I made this page.
Today I would have used it.

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