Hale Mahaolu Eha Christmas Party 2007
Makawao Maui Hawaii

Cheese, Cheesecake, Cake, Pizza and Wine
Tree Decorating Party 2007

Rudy put the tree up and lights on. It looks great already.

We are Ready

There were plenty of decorations on hand, some were very old and beautiful.

decorations ready

Terry is putting up the first ornament to get us started.

Terry gets it started

Don Jusko puts on the finishing touches with the help of a little elf for the magic.

The cheese and the cheesecakes were laid on the table with care,
while the wine was breathing.

cheese table

Each table began to fill, Lara who
just returned from Holiday joins Polly,
one of the Birthday girls chatting with Myrtle.
Myrtle Griswold, Lara Johnson, Polly Harris

Ham - no it's Pepperoni!
Rudy and Terry eyeing the pie, or is it Shirley's technique..

Ham - no it's peperoni

Kay Noto, Bldg B from NY,
Kay is fresh from her cruise on the Mexican Riviera.
Look at those big blue eyes.

Friends and family join in.
Lara's son and daughter-in-law loved the party.

Jeanne Williams my helper, Shizue Kamatsu, Siri Swenson and Kay Noto Whooping it up.

Shirley Brenner, Siri, Rudy, Terry

Myrtle Griswold (my neighbor), Mardie Miller, Polly and Elsie Stewart

Shirley, Shizue and husband Kiyoto

Lus Hesseltvandinter and Norma Jean White

Numia Blackwell and Rudy Bernardino

Pat Bower with Rudy's wife Bev and daughter Allie

Margaret Rabago made the applesauce and oatmeal cakes.
Thank you very much and Merry Christmas to you.

Terry and Rudy decorated the office door
(along with this whole complex) and won third place!
Thanks guys, Merry Christmas.

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