Painting on Location
by Donald A. Jusko

Night Painting of Lahaina Banyan Tree

Copal Media, 01-03-2005

Night Painting of the Lahaina Banyan Tree with Christmas Lights

Anna and I are painting the Lahaina banyan tree tonight. Tomorrow the lights will come down. Our media is copal in oil. This is the smoothest blending painting media.

Garrette Copal Medium. I never liked the brands of copal I tried until I tried Ron Garrett's ( because there wasn't enough control. His brand painted beautifully.

Anna started with it and loves it. Me too. Anna is just starting to paint, this will be her 4th painting.

We are painting by existing light from the Christmas ornaments. The night light itself has an orange cast, absorbing the orange pigment colors. Blue pigment looks browner, magenta looks orange.

This photo of the painting was shot in the existing night light.
It is what it looked like while I was painting it.
Night lighting
This is how the painting looked in daylight.
I need a good portable fluorescent light for outside work, like in my van, for more accurate colors.
Day lighting

Day lighting

Anna's painting

This is the night lighting.
Night lighting
This how it looked in daylight.
Day lighting

Molokai Island in Copal Media

I find it best to work all over the painting but finish areas before the light changes.

Molakai Island

This is Anna's 5th painting.
Anna's Molakai Island

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