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Painting on Location
by Donald A. Jusko

Lahaina Cane House
22x15 copal mastic on plywood panel covered with polyester cloth.

I went over the drawing with a thin blue line so I could crawl all over the picture without losing anything.
The little girl was dropped out because she never came back for me to finish her :(

The painting medium was Garrett Copal mastic which worked very well and allowed one to re-dissolve the surface.
Re-dissolving is a mastic and damar technique that has a lot of advantages.

Garrette Copal Medium; I never liked the brands of copal I tried until I tried Ron Garrett's
because there wasn't enough control. His brand painted beautifully.
ron@garrettcopal.com ~ www.garrettcopal.com

I moved the painting time up a little later in the day, see the road shadow changes.
The finished painting took two weeks, architecture always takes longer.
My little sister has this painting now, I'm glad it stayed in the family.

163lahainacanehouse.htm, Same page only different, New Window

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