Gail Resta


This page is about her frescos.

Gail Resta has always been an artist, working in ceramics.. fresco is second nature to her. This link is to a Google search of Gail Resta

Gail Resta's Pavillion at Villa Tamarinda, Kaupo, Maui, Hawaii.

HALF SMILING BUDDHA, 12"X12 buon fresco

Gail Resta and Don Jusko are doing frescos in her studio in Kaupo, Maui.
1:30 the tiles had their intonaco coats on, ready for the coming storm of color.

Set up

Gail's fresco was drawn on the intonaco with a dull pencil, then brushed clean with a big Nene goose feather.

Drawing Goose feather

First the whole fresco was covered with irgazine yellow, two coats, she free handedly scribed in the drawing and completely filled in the lines with each layer of paint. She is going to use vermilion, irgazine yellow, cobalt green, ultramarine blue, indanthrone blue. Where she plans on adding gold secco she under painted in vermilion.

Gail is almost through at 5:00, next she is going to distress it.

Gail Finished

Gail Resta painting Buddha, and Janet Davis painting a Fantasy.

Gail: Gail is a very fast painter, which is important in fresco, really has fun with color and is very conscious of values.

Janet Davis, Gail's friend is an oil painter, this is Janet's first fresco. Good use of the dual-toned Indian yellow.

Fresco 10-01-04, Hat Lady

The Cobalt Violet tint painted on turned brown and had to be re-painted in secco.

Fresco Garden Nimpth, 10-25-04

PB15.3 cyan, titanium white, Indian yellow PG10F (now discontinued, it was misnamed anyway. PY150 is almost the same color.), magenta PR122.
Painting with a primary triad plus white in a free hand scribed intonaco on a tile of her own making.

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