Painting on Location
by Donald A. Jusko

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Fresco Paintings #30

Buon Fresco Paintings On Location

Don Jusko and Anita Rodriguez-Wakelin, 4-23-6
Anita Rodriguez-Wakelin, President of the Fresco Society

This is Anita's and my work set-up. In my view I see a white onion, white mushrooms, a red strawberry and a red mountain apple.

Set up
Anita has two green vegitables and two purple eggplants with a silver knife.

Don Jusko Buon FrescoAnita Rodriguez-Wakelin Buon Fresco
We started painting right on the intonico, pale washes to lay it out and getting darker as we progressed. Three and a half hours later we were finished, we ran out of light.

Signed 4-23-6, Don Jusko

Mike and Anita ride off into the sunset after a very satisfying day.
Anita Rodriguez-Wakelin, owner founder of Fresco Society Enterprises.

Anita sent me this nice email.

Hi Don,
Needless to say, looks like I couldn't make it to paint jacarandas this time.
Can I take a raincheck?
I had the best time with you in the square painting frescoes.
Let's get together again, maybe next year if not sooner.
I will remember that as one of the highlights of my first trip to Maui.
Stay in touch.
If I can be of any service let me know.
I will contact the local PBS when I get back. I will send them a copy of your Buon Fresco DVD.
God bless,

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