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Selected from the Painting on Location Group.

We are making a virtual Christmas Dinner, you are invited.

03-24-02, detail and painting lesson with how-to paint at night tips.

Detail click here for this painting lesson with how-to tips.
Six day's on location.

Linda Blondhiem, Oil, "Palm Beach" September 2nd, 2001

Dear All,
I wanted to tell you that we are having a big paint out in Ozello,
Florida (west Coast) on September 30, 2001. Members from Plein Air
Florida, Plein Air Painters of Central Florida, Live Oak Artist Guild and
others will converge on this little fishing village for painting, then retire
to a restaurant for lunch and shop talk.  Any Florida plein air painters are
welcome to come.
For more info, contact:

August 26th, 2001
Green Beans by Lauri Pessemier

I reflect on just what makes a good meal.
Go to Laurie's Gallery in Paris.

Aug 16th, 2001
by Elin Pendleton, Oil and Acrylic Painter

 "Little League Outfield"I did a demonstration for the art group in lovely Sebastopol, on August 16, and before the noontime meeting, I had time to go into the field in the park behind the auditorium. It's called "Little League Outfield" and is 12 x 24 inches. About an hour and 15 minutes work, maybe less. I wasn't bothered by anyone, as I was behind the fence where those billboards hang, and it blocked the view from the passers-by.

"Ojai, where I grew up" On the drive back home, Don, I went up into Ojai, where I grew up. Prior to this year, I'd not had the confidence to set up "in my own neck of the woods" and do this piece. I don't think I'll let go of it any time soon, either. And yes, the road does dip and rise after the bell tower, although you probably have some corrections that can be made to the perspective. I still felt the tension (self-induced, I know) about being on my own turf and could I do it justice to my feelings for it?
It was done in about an hour and a half, on a 16 x 20 canvas. Then the crowds got too thick and I packed up and left for some cold cafe frappe.

Bryon Carr 07-28-01

This is part of a 14x18 oil painted in a little over an hour just before a storm in Quebec City.
If anyone gets there, bring lots of stuff to paint with. Oh ya, and lots of money to eat with also.
Bryon Carr email

Vineyard at Foster Victoria.
 Painted on site at Windy Ridge Vineyard looking towards Wilson's Promontory.
Size 15 in by 20 in, or 39 cm  by 51 cm
Email Gordon Osmond

Feb 7th, 2001
by JAMES TRIGG, oil painter

This 14"x18" oil was painted on location high in the San Juan mountains of Southwest Colorado,

on a spectacular fall afternoon. just as I was finishing up, a big gust of wind blew almost every single leaf off of the aspen trees,
and the painting was done. Email James