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Lemon Yellow


Bellini Lemon Yellow Lead Chromate, Opaque,

Lemon Yellow Lead Chromate Opaque is a calcined lead.
It is very dense, permenant and opaque.
This is the coolest Yellow available in oil paint.

Bellini is the name of Bocour's machine ground oil paint. It fits in with the timing of encapsulated lead.
http://www.naturalpigments.com Rublev Colours.
Chrome Primrose, a very light cool oil paint. Encapsulated so there will be no color change from interaction with other elements.

They also have Naples Yellow (lead Antimonate, Yel/s) and Naples Yellow Paris (lead Antimonate, Red/s). Antimonate lead is denser than lead. Also Pozzuoli Red which was a top choice color in fresco, it's my choice of a warm red oxide, Minium (equal hue to Cadmium Red Light), Cyprus Burnt Umber Warm.