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Magenta Transparent
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This background is a 50% tint-tone of middle value.
36RCW#13.05.5, PR122

36RCW#12, PV:19 is a warm magenta translucent
36RCW#13, PR:122 is magenta transparent

Danial Smith Quinacridone Magenta, Transparent
Mussini Phthalo Green PG7, Transparent
Opposite color
Mussini Phthalo Green RCW#31.9, PG36

MMMM, Danial Smith Quinacridone Magenta, transparent.
The Primary Magenta pigment. It makes the best dark neutral dark when mixed with it's opposite color Thalo Green.

This mixed neutral dark is the midday shadow color of the foreground darks, making this one of the most important pigments on my palette.

Another mixed opposition neutral dark is my morning cloudless day shadow color for the foreground darks, brown (dark yellow) and blue. More blue shows up in the mornings shadows, this is the time and place to photograph you're paintings. The painting on the ground and shoot from above.

This is one of the three most important pigments on the palette, Magenta, a primary.

Here is another form of magenta pigment 36RCW#13.05.

Opera pigment and sun tests.

Opera (PR:122 with BV:10) it's a translucent pigment with a tinted mass-tone of Magenta.

Opera (RCW#13.05.5) It mixes a brilliant red with yellow and blue with cyan.

Liqitex Acrylic made transparent magenta first in 1990, they called it Acra Violet, W/N was second.

Today, 2013, it's called Quinacradone Magenta :) all brands make it in acrylic, w/c and oil paint.

ASTM, PR122, they go by materials, don't stick to one material and never go by color. The RCW goes by color and won't combine different colors like Permanent Alizarin Crimson, Quindo Red and Thio Violet with Magenta.

Magenta is also now in pastels which is new this year by Art Alternatives. I seen photos of it being used as a color streaker in hair.

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