Real Color Wheel Wholesale Pricing

Thank you, you have reached this private page because you requested the link in the interest of wholesaling the Real Color Wheel.

It has taken me a long time to do anything off the internet with the Real Color Wheel. Since 1995 I have been giving it away for free if you were willing to print it out yourself. The Real Color Wheel site is currently getting between two and three million hits per month all over the world. That's a lot of advertising. Now is the time to take advantage of this phenomena. What I would like to offer you is the chance to help our fellow artists by suppling this color wheel in stores in your local area. I'll make the packages for you to wholesale until you want to manufacture them yourself, at that point I'll supply the files to your local Kinko/FedX for you cut and package. I will charge you 10% of the wholesale price if your are an RCW manufacture. If your are the wholesaler of my packaging your profit is 100% over the sales price to you. If you pay for and assemble you're own packages, manufacturing is another 90% over your supply costs.

The sales outlets I found from stores and past requests for the colorwheel are:
University art stores
Local art stores
Hardware stores with art departments
Camera retail and supply stores
Beauty hair and makeup supply stores
Fabric supply stores
Hand Craft stores, art, beads, ribbons etc.

Give this wholesale cost sheet to the prospective client.
it's always best to phone or email ahead for an appointment to meet with the store manager or buyer.

This is the 8 inch RCW package, it sells retail for $31.95, the retailer will buy it for $15.00.
I have it printed at Kinko's for $4.57. The 5 insert information sheets cost $2.95. $4.57 + $2.95 = $7.52 plus tax.

That's $7.48 for cutting and packaging each 8" RCW. After you sell your first 200 packages you have the option of printing and packaging your own sales. 10% of the wholesale price goes back to the home office. An email to me places the order at your selected Kinko/FedX store, they will phone you when the order is ready, usually within 24 hours.

This is what the finished packages looks like.

The 5" package contains the same information as the 8", in a 4 page booklet.

These are the 8" package information sheets.

Don Jusko, Real Color Wheel Company