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Painting on Location En Plein Air

Pukalani Anthurium 3 Primary water color pigments &
Cypress Trees 3 Primary water colors, 10-10-10
Pottery Turtles 3 primary water colors

Arches HP 16x12, #969 & Arches CP 10x14, #970

Pukalani Anthurium was painted in the same sitting location as the King and Queen of the W. Maui mountains. Cypress Trees is painted from the head of their driveway.

10-13-10, Today I started two watercolors, the anthuriums are on Arches 140# HP. I wanted to do a fast one but it didn't work out that way. So here are the first and second days progression.

I should have taken more time on the drawing.. and finished painting the orange leaf. The next day it was a fully opened leaf and a completely different color.

10-20-10, I finished the anthurium painting today. To my surprise a young leaf showed up where the other young leaf was, hooray! I'm happy because after the first day the leaf changes color as well as size. Well I had the size but I needed the colors. The sun was shinning so I never got to touch the cypress tree painting.

Another good thing happened, Julie's acrylic paints arrived today, $400.00 dollars worth. I chose the colors so they match mine. Thirty-two 60mm tubes. I'm so jealous. Here is the inventory list, they are all Old Holland's brand from Art Warehouse. This is the list of pigments I would recommend for anyone just buying acrylics but accomplished in another medium, like oil. It's a professional set of colors I know she is going to enjoy.

10-13-10, Day one and two of the cypress trees.

3 color oil painting of a sunset. This is the first step, the colors have no overlap. It should dry before I tighten it up.
I may never finish this one, it was just a color example for Julie and her two boys showing the fastest way to paint.

3 color watercolor paintings of the porch turtle. The orange sunlit turtle was painted without pencil lines. I should have put in at least 3 marker points first. But I was influenced by a Painting on Location with Color forum artist named Paint Fox who paints with acrylics very fast.

3 primary colors

The second turtle took much longer, it also was painted with only 3 colors but had a detailed drawing at the start.

It shouldn't have taken 12 hours, but it did.

3 primary colors

Colored pencils mounted on the Real Color Wheel, free blank color wheel
Tube Oil Colors matching the RCW

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