Painting on Location
in acrylics.

I would like to thank Mr. Will McThewson for sending me a photo of my painting Oluwalu Rocks, #530,
painted on 12-04-91 in acrylics on panel.

Over half of my paintings got away unphotographed.

This is my acrylic palette, these detail images were taken from the painting.
This painting is alla prima, painted on location in one setting.
I get pleasure from using pure colors and making pure oppositions.
I also like leaving or painting in a little white to complement real darks.

Cadmium Yellow Medium
Cadmium Orange
Cadmium Red Medium
Magenta and tint
Vivid Lime Green
Yellow Ocher
Permanent Green Light
Red Oxide
Thalo Green tint
Cyan Thalo Blue tint
Cobalt Blue
Ultramarine Blue
Purple Dioxine
Burnt Umber

Thalo Green and Magenta opposition darks in the wave.
Cyan and red opposition in some rocks.

Green opposition    Magenta opposition

Yellow (brown) and Ultramarine Blue opposition in other rocks.

Yellow opposition

Ultramarine Blue opposition

This detail show a neutral dark made with Magenta and Green

Green and Magenta netural dark

Notice the horrizon line is curved not straight even at sea level.
Click for larger image
Oluwalu Coast Rocks, #530, 12-04-91, acrylic on panel, 15"x22"

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