Painting on Location
by Donald A. Jusko


Hand Made Paper by Sue Bateson

Contributed by Sue Bateson, Thanks Sue.

To make new paper from old paper you first soak the shreds in warm water for an hour, add a cup at a time in a blender full of water.. just a few seconds will do it. Then you add 3 cups of the pulped paper to a vat (bigger than your frame) of water and dip it in a framed screen called a mold & deckle. You can use lint collected from your cloth washer also. 

To try it for yourself first before buying equipment, tack some nylon insect screen over an old picture frame ...(10x8 is good at first). You can add petals grasses and colored torn up 'confetti' to the pulp for ornamental papers. Of course this will not be permanent acid free paper. 

Dip your mold into the vat of pulp/water and quickly take it straight down the side of the vat along the bottom until it is level and then straight up so it comes out of the water level. Let it drain the water then turn the resulting 'waterleaf' onto a flat cloth, press it with a sponge from the back through the mesh to adhere it to your cloth, then lift the mold slowly from one end ...presto ... a sheet of paper! Place another cloth over this paper and do it again until you use up all your pulp, adding a cup at a time after each leaf is 'pulled'. 

When you are finished lay a last cloth on the top sheet of paper and put a board over the top and add some bricks for weight press. When it stops running water you can take each paper and hang to dry on the line with pegs, if they buckle, repress them between boards or iron each leaf. 

Cotton paper or linen paper is the best, you can get cotton linter and sizing to make your own paper for art work too at art supply houses. 

Here are some pictures Sue took

Papers hanging to dry, notice the plants that have been pressed
between to sheets to leave those lovely impressions in the paper.

Plant based papers

These papers have used only plant fibres, no recycled paper pulp at all.

(3.) Dipping the mould into the vat. 
(4.) This is a professional paper press, you can use bricks or even drive a car over the boards to press out the water. The pile of wet paper leaf is called a 'post. 
(5.) Fancy laces or embossed cloth can be laid between sheets of paper to produce fancy/ornate inlaid patterns like these, the 'post' may be as large or small as you wish depending on the number of sheets you make.


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