Jacaranda Tree Photos
May 20, 2002, another birthday, I'm 61 today.

The jacaranda trees only bloom for one month, and at different times according to it's location on the mountain. We have two types, straight branches and gnarly ones.

May 15th
I drove around Upcountry Maui to
check out where the best jacaranda
trees were blooming. The best were at 
the 2,000' level. Tonight I'll stay in Poli
Poli at the 4,000' level. Chilly.


This was a nice place to wake up, 8,000 ft. 
I can see the second island, Molokai in the distant background. 
I see four definite distances outlined on concentric rings around me. The immediate foreground in the shadow area, and the middle ground stopped by the line of trees.  The background outlined by the first mountain and the back mountain that is approaching the sky color.

This is the tree I choose to paint, that's Vangogh IV,
finding a good parking spot for her is important.
I prefer to paint from inside the van, but
with a good parking space I'll work outside.

Notice the umbrella is painted black opaque.
This prevents discoloration while I'm painting in its shade.

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