Painting on Location
by Donald A. Jusko

Fresco, Red, Yellow, White, Green

02-23-04, start painting 4:00, end 6:00. Something was wrong with the intonaco, it stopped absorbing too soon. I think it was because I used acrylic cement binder. This is a fresco test of Cadmium Red, Cadmium Yellow, Titanium White, Zinc White, Green Earth and Chromium Green Oxide. Four colors that had to be checked for problems before adding them to my permanent fresco palette, and two I just wanted to test.

fresco color test
Look how much the whiter the lime mortar and zinc white got.
fresco color test
fresco color test

Casein and pigment appear to sink in faster then egg or lime water sink in.
Egg can't get a second color on top in fresco or secco without extra work, it beads.
Egg adds gloss.
Titanium White, Cadmium Red, Cadmium Yellow and Chromium Green Oxide have to be washed out of the brush with soap.
03-01-04, Seventh day.
1 Vertical Column, Egg Yolk media, All colors locked in, square 1, Egg, slight shine, egg color was gone on 3rd day.
2 Vertical Column, Casein and Limewater media, square 1 = Titanium White did not absorb, square 2 = Cad Red did not absorb, square 3 = Cad Yellow did not absorb, square 4 = Zinc White did not absorb.
3 Vertical Column, Limewater media, all colors locked in.
4 Vertical Column, I mislabeled the whole row only whites were used, Titanium White is under the whole column, square 1 = zinc with egg, square 2 = zinc with casein did not absorb, square 3 = zinc with limewater did not absorb, square 4 = zinc with limewater did not absorb.
5 Vertical row squares, Zinc White under all of this column. square 1, Cad Red and Cad Yellow with egg medium, the egg medium beaded. Square 2, Casein Media, Cad Red dropped below the zinc white instead of making an opaque red on top. Square 3, Limewater Media, colors did not absorb. Square 4, no colors in this square.
6 Vertical Column, Cadmium Red under whole column soaked in, this was the last column I over painted, I was too late. Square 1, red overlay did not absorb, egg colors bled edges. Square 2, Casein media, Cad Red over color did not soak in. Square 3, Overlaid colors did not soak in. Square 4, Red under worked, over colors did not soak in, this was the last column I over painted, I was too late.
7 Vertical Column, Cadmium Yellow under painted absorbed. This was the second to the last column painted, I was too late. Square 1, Egg Over colors locked in as secco. Square 2, over colors not absorbed. Square 3, Zinc white hardly showed up but none absorbed, Square 4, Titanium white with egg medium is solid.
8 Vertical Column, Green Earth under paint absorbed, Square 1, both lime side and casein side are locked. Square 2, Limewater cad red side is locked, casein cad red side is not. Square 3, Limewater Cad yellow side is locked, casein cad yellow is 90% locked. Square 4, Limewater titanium side is locked, Casein titanium side is 90% locked.
9 Vertical Column, Green Oxide under paint absorbed. Square 1, Top side limewater locked, bottom side casein not absorbed. Square 2, top cad red 90% locked, bottom cad red not absorbed. Square 3, top cad yellow 90% locked, bottom not absorbed. Square 4, top and bottom not absorbed. I think this column being the third from the last painted stopped absorbing as I was painting the top square. The mortar stopped absorbing that quickly.

Egg is the most reliable secco medium. Limewater is the most reliable fresco medium. Zinc White paint will lighten the lime intonaco's natural color but not as much as titanium white will. Zinc white is not an important color.

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