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Kalish Brushes, Sable Water Color

Highest Quality, Made in Ireland

I shot some comparison shots. All of the series I like for oil and acrylics have no bellies. Your brushes are #13, #5, #2 and #1.

#5 Kalish, and #4 Langnickel, are the same sizes, also #2 and #3. The Langnickel #3 works like a pencil, the hairs jump back into the same shape after each stroke. The stroke is always the same width. When it snaps back, the tip, mid section and ferrule are the same diameter.

This set of round ferrule, flat ends are the most used brushes I have. The top one is a "Shortie Series" by the old Langnickel Company. I wore out the others in the Langnickel Shortie Series. The "Fabulous 55" was a great brush also.

GREAT NEWS, 6-29-2006.
Kalish Finest Brushes
1 800 322-5254, 201 444-8035, 973 887-1229

526 West Saddle River Rd.
Ridgewood, NJ 07450

Thank you Harry,
Harry Kalish made a new series of brushes for me called,
I recommend them for w/c, egg, milk, fresco and fresco secco.
I tried The #5 tonight with washes on dry lime mortar, 11-1-06.
They made a perfect wash when fully loaded, and as the thin media flowed out it went to a controlled point equal to a #1 stroke that was very dependable. This brush matches all the best qualities of the "Fabulous 5" and "Sortie" Series of old in a w/c media.

11-22-6, Kalish Kolinski Sable Chisel Brushes. The Series 8B is complete, #1 to #8.

5-12-14, Nancy Dowd Friedman,
Kalish Finest Brushes: Kolinsky Short Chisel
Dear Don,
Thank you for your call!
I know just the brush you're referring to -- you're famous around here. :) It's the Kolinsky 8B (short chisel). Harry is very proud to have worked with you on this brush. It's available on our website here:
However, I'd be happy to help you directly. I would have tried calling you directly, but for the time difference!
Please let me know how I can help you. :) ~Nancy Friedman

5-12-14, Don: Answer to Nancy.
Thanks for the link to the short chisel Nancy, I'll add it to his pages. It's true, we needed a water color chisel brush. We also need a stiffer acrylic/oil chisel brush. Since Langnickle died the company stopped making my favorite round ferrule flat end hair brush. They used to make them in many different series, now no one makes them in any series. Their latest webpage.

Here is a nice article about Harry Kalish's brushes.

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