Painting on Location
by Donald A. Jusko

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Thank you for getting this unique Real Color Wheel and using the Painting on Location Color Course. The top link is a file (on a Mac) and is called "00 Open Me First.htm", it is a Painting Site Tree for the CD. With Windows OS, all files are below the folders so scroll down below the folders to the first file, 00 Open Me First.htm,
all have the same Painting Site Tree information.

Click the first link on the site tree (final.htm) to open the full color course, following color from the B.C. era to today. The Site Tree also names and links to over 200 paintings, each giving painting tips.

All About Color is now online allaboutcolorpainting.htm

Your 5x5 inch laminated colorwheel has generic Chemical Class names. It also includes the pigment chemical name in these Chemical Classes, the Color Index Name and the Color Index Number.
Just what you need to make the most reliable choice of colors among brands in all media.

Each brand name pigment is a chosen color made from one or more Chemical Classes in combination.
Each Chemical Classes' color travels on a graduated color path to dark just like the elements color crystal does. The Pigment's Color Index Number also changes as it moves on this path.

i.e. From the element Copper we get Copper Phthalocyanine as a Chemical Class with a full color path from green PG7 to cyan PB15.
PB15 has the full color path from transparent PB:15.1 to a transparent cyan blue PB:15.3, onward to a transparent PB:15.7 on the ultramarine blue end. PB:15.3 is the standard cyan.
New for 2008, Old Holland's oil paint transparent cyan called Manganese Blue made from Barium Manganate PB:33. Buy the best paint, you won't be sorry you did.

To paint a sky blue you need the purest primary cyan PB:15.3 or PB:33 for colors near the horizon line and by combining the hues of magenta and cyan you will get the sky's zenith color, ultramarine blue.

The same yellow to brown color intensity scale of yellow is found in element oxides and crystal compounds, chemical class compounds and vegetable colors.
The elements lead and iron have oxides with similar ranges of color paths from yellow to brown and red to brown. The synthetic chemicals, natural oxides and vegetable colors all have a crystal counterpart. This color wheel is based on crystals and their elements and colors the you see in nature.

For we pigment artists, pigment color oppositions match the element's crystal color oppositions.
The full Chemical Class colors tend to move in a lateral path, crystal color paths also move on a path from light to dark, both are represented on the Real Color Wheel.

Crystal colors match the Chemical Class color paths to darker color intensities right across black to the opposing color. The 36 colors on the RCW color wheel and their tints match light's Red-Green-Blue color wheel, but not the computer's RGB subtractive path to dark. This is why you can't use the RGB/CMY color wheel to paint with, you need this RCW colorwheel.

The Pigment Color numbers mark that colors position on that Chemical Class path. Combinations of Chemical Colors make new colors. Brand color names are arbitrary, Pigment Color numbers and Color Index numbers are not. I also give the pigment's attributes which are from transparent, translucent to opaque, mono-toned or dual-toned.

The chemical, crystal, element and pigment relationships are in the color course, along with the chemicals making brand named pigments.

This RCW color wheel, based on the color element crystals, works in pigment, dyes and stage lighting.

The end.htm page links backwards from my latest painting with painting tips or color work.

If you have read the link Final and followed all the links in it you would see everything on the CD.
Use the Search Box to find words and terms, search for the word drawing or draw. That will take you to each instance of that word.
Try the term perspective! Or my favorite, Paint War.

Sincerely yours,

Don Jusko, Real Color Wheel
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