Painting on Locaton
by Donald A. Jusko

Real Color Wheel Map to Pigments



This RCW is made up of thirty-six color wedges, side-by-side around the central RCW logo, each color wedge is 10║, labeled from 1-36 outside the perimeter. The notation, RCW#19, for example, refers to the color wedge labeled 19.

The RCW can also be seen as a set of nested concentric rings with the RCW logo in the center.

Nearestáthe outermostátint ring, is the second ring, comprised of pure-colors, this main color ring is "0".

The main ring represents either the full-chroma (100%) opaque pigment, or a 50% top-tone tint of transparent pigments. Any of theseácolorsáis indicated by appending from ".0"áto ".10" to the end of its wedge number.áSo, pure yellow is written, RCW#1.0, pure Yellow-green, RCW#34.0, and so on. The third appended number is from .1 to .9, this is the cool or warm notation for the color as it relates to the adjacent wedges color. #1.0.1 is the coolest and includes more cyan, #1.0.5 is in the middle hue, #1.0.9 is the warmest and includes more magenta.

The first outermost ring is comprised of a lighter tinted version of the pure colorsáin the main ring. Any one of theseátint rings is indicated by appending a double digit number starting with "00" to the end of its wedge number. Thus, RCW#15.00 to #15.09 refers to the outermost tinted rings of wedge #15.

RCW#15árefers toáa wedge,
RCW#15.0 refers to a pure color,
RCW#15.0.1 refers to the cooler location of another pure tubed color inside the pure color ring. A zinc yellow is cooler than a cadmium yellow, both colors are in the same pure color ring.
RCW#15.00 to RCW#15.09 refer to lighter versions or tints of RCW#15.0.5, the pure color.

The ten rings inside the full-color ring show 10% graduationsáto the darkest value found next to the center logo. This darkening of a pure color is achieved by mixing it with its true complement as found on the RCW, not black pigment. To denote any of these darker shades, append an integer from 1-10, (lightest to darkest)átoáthe color's wedge number. For example, the darkestáRed on theáwheel is written, RCW#7.10.

RCW#1.00, Light Chrome Yellow Light, Lead Chromate, PY-34
RCW#1.00, Light, Yellow Light Hansa,  Arylamide,  PY3, Translucent
RCW#1.00.2, Nickel Titanate Yellow PY53
RCW#1.00.3, Hansa Yellow, Monoazo Yellow, PY-74, Translucent
RCW#1.0.1, Cadmium Zinc Sulfide, PY35, Opaque
RCW#1.0.2, Cadmium Lemon, PY35, Opaque
RCW#1.0.3, Bismuth Yellow PY184
RCW#1.0.5, Aureolin, Potassium Cobaltinitrite, PY40, Translucent
RCW#1.2, New Gamboge, Nickel Dioxine, PY153, Translucent
RCW#1.4, Azo Yellow, Monoazo Yellow, PY-151, Translucent
RCW#1.6, Indian Yellow-Brown Lake Extra, Dioxine Nickel Complex, Synthetic Iron Oxide, PY153, PY42, transparent
RCW#1.7, Indian Yellow-Orange Lake Extra, Dioxine Nickel Complex, Isoindoline, PY153, PR260, Transparent
RCW#1.8, Raw Umber Brown, Natural Earth, Hydrated Iron Oxide, PBr7, PY42, Translucent
RCW#1.10, Burnt Umber Brown, Natural Earth, Hydrated Iron Oxide, PBr7, Translucent
RCW#2.00, Naples Yellow, Titanium Dioxide, Rutile-Nickel-Tin-Titanium, Chromium-Antimony-Titanium Yellow PW6, PY53, PBr24, Opaque
RCW#2.0, Chrome Yellow Orange Lead Chromate, PY34, Opaque
RCW#2.4, Yellow Ochre, Natural Hydrated Iron Oxide, PY43
RCW#.10, Burnt Umber Brown, Natural Earth, Hydrated Iron Oxide, PBr7, Translucent
RCW#3.00, Naples Yellow Deep, Lead Antimonate, PY41, Opaque
RCW#3.0, Cadmium Yellow Deep, Opaque
RCW#3.3, Raw Siena, Natural Iron Oxide, PBr7, Opaque
RCW#3.4, Italian Deep yellow Ocher R/s, Opaque
RCW#3.6, Quinacridone Deep Gold PO48, Transparent
RCW#3.7, Brown Oxide PR101, Transparent
RCW#3.10, Burnt Umber Brown, Natural Earth, Hydrated Iron Oxide, PBr7, Translucent
RCW#4.0.4, Benzimidazolone Orange, Benzimidazolone, PO62, Transparent
RCW#4.0.5, Cadmium Orange, Cadmium Sulfo-Selenide, PO20, Opaque
RCW#4.6, Burnt Sienna PBr7, Translucent
RCW#4.10, Burnt Umber Brown, Natural Earth, Hydrated Iron Oxide, PBr7, Translucent
RCW#5.7, Italian burnt Sienna PBr7, Translucent
RCW#5.10, Burnt Umber Brown, Natural Earth, Hydrated Iron Oxide, PBr7, Translucent
RCW#6, Chinese Vermilion, Mercury Sulfide, Translucent
RCW#6 Vermilion Extra, Isoindolindon, PR260, Translucent
RCW#6.10, Burnt Umber Brown, Natural Earth, Hydrated Iron Oxide, PBr7, Translucent
RCW#7.0.5 Thioindagoid Red PR88, Opaque
RCW#7.0.5 Cadmium Red Light Red PR108
RCW#7.6, Light Red Oxide - Venetian Red Warm, Synthetic Iron Oxide, PR101, Opaque
RCW#8.0, Irgazine Red PR254, Opaque
RCW#10.00, Light Portrait Pink, Naphthol Red AS-D, Titanium White, Diarylide Yellow, PR122, PW6, PY83, Opaque
RCW#10.0, Naphthol Crimson, Naphthol AS, PR170, Translucent
RCW#12.00, Light Magenta, Naphthol AS, Quinacridone Violet, Titanium Dioxide, Zinc Oxide, PR188, PR122, PW6, Opaque
RCW#12.0, Permanent Rose, Quinacridone, PV19, Transparent
RCW#13.0, Quinacridone Magenta, PR122, Transparent Magenta
RCW#14.00, Cobalt Violet, PV49, Opaque Cool Magenta
RCW#14.0, Cobalt Violet, Cobalt Phosphate, PV14, Transparent Cool Magenta
RCW#15.0, Manganese Violet PV23 R/s, Top-tone, Transparent
RCW#15.6, Manganese Violet PV23 R/s, Mass-tone, Transparent
RCW#16.0, Dioxazine Purple, Carbazole Dioxazine, PV23, Top-tone, Transparent
RCW#16.6, Dioxazine Purple, Carbazole Dioxazine, PV23, Mass-tone, Transparent
RCW#18.0, Ultramarine Violet, Alumosilicate of Sodium, PV15, Top-tone, Transparent
RCW#18.6, Ultramarine Violet, Alumosilicate of Sodium, PV15, Mass-tone, Transparent
RCW#19.00.1, King's Blue Deep, Tint, Zinc Oxide, Titanium Dioxide Rutile, Synthetic Ultramarine PB29, PW4, PW6, PB29, Opaque
RCW#19.00.5, Light Blue Violet, Ultramarine Blue, Titanium Dioxide, PB29, PW6, Opaque
RCW#19.0.5, French Ultramarine Blue PB29, Translucent
RCW#19.2.5, Ultramarine Blue Light PB29, Translucent
RCW#19.3.5, Ultramarine Blue Deep PB29, Complex Silicate of Sodium and Aluminum with Sulfur, Translucent
RCW#22.0, Cobalt Blue PB28, Oxides of Cobalt and Aluminum, Opaque
RCW#25.0, Cerulean Blue PB-36, Oxides of Cobalt and Chromium Opaque Phthalo Blue, Phthalo Blue, PB15.3-4, Opaque
RCW#25.0, Thalo Blue - Phthalo Blue - Cyan PB15.3-4, Pathalocyanine, Top-tone
RCW#25.6, Thalo Blue - Phthalo Blue - Cyan PB15.3-4, Pathalocyanine, Mass-tone
RCW#27.0, Phthalo Turquoise PB15.3-4 + PG36, Pathalocyanine, Top-tone
RCW#27.6, Phthalo Turquoise PB15.3-4 + PG36, Pathalocyanine, Mass-tone
RCW#28.3, Bright Aqua Green, Phthalocyanine Green, Phthalocyanine Blue, Titanium Dioxide, PG7, PB15, PW6, Opaque
RCW#29.3, Opaque Green Light, Phthalocyanine Green, Monoazo Yellow, Cobalt-Titanium-Nickel-Zinc-Aluminum-Oxide,
RCW#31.0.1, Phthalo Green, Y/S, Brominated Chlorinated Phthalocyanine, PG36, Translucent
RCW#31.0.5, Tint, Emerald Green, Brominated Copper Phthalocyanine, Titanium Dioxide, PG36, PW6, Opaque
RCW#31.0.9, Phthalo Green, Phthalocyanine Green, PG7, Transparent
RCW#33.3, Permanent Green Light, PG-7, PY-3, Phthalo Green + Monoazo Yellow, Opaque
RCW#33.6, Hooker's Green Permanent PG36 + PY3 + PO49, Transparent
RCW#34.6, Chrome Oxide Green, PG-17, Chrome Oxide, Opaque
RCW#35.0, Yellow Green Organic, Opaque
RCW#35.0.6, Sap Green PY73, PG7, PR101, Arylamide Yellow GX, Phthalocyanine Green, Red Oxide, Opaque
RCW#36, Priderit Yellow PY157, Yellow-green, Opaque
RCW#36, Thalo Yellow Green PG7 + PY3 + PW4, Chlorinated Copper Phthalocyanine, Arylide Yellow 10G, Zinc Oxide, Opaque
RCW#36.3, Green Gold, Nickel Chelated Azo, PG10, Translucent
RCW#36.6, Indian Yellow-Green Extra, Dioxine Nickel Complex, Methin Copper Complex, PY153, PY129, Transparent
RCW#36.6, Green Gold, PY129, Azomethine Copper Complex, Transparent
RCW#36.6, Irgazine green PY129, Translucent
RCW#36.10, Green Umber, Translucent

The center links to the photo color chip chart. This is an RGB image.

Lead Yellow, cool opaque Naples Yellow Light Naples Yellow Deep Acrylic Vivid lime Green, Oil Yellow Green Opaque Brilliant Yellow Green, translucent in acrylics Cadmium Yellow Cadmium Yellow Medium Cadmium Orange, opaque Green Gold, Transparent Indian Yellow-Orange Lake Extra Yellow Raw Ocher, Opaque Translucent Yellow Oxide Chinese Vermilion Extra, translucent Permanent Green light Chromium Green Oxide Indian Yellow-Brown Transparent Burnt Sienna, translucent Cadmium Red Light-Medium, Opaque Thalo Green, transparent Raw Umber, translucent Burnt Umber, translucent Venetian Red Oxide, Warm, Opaque Opaque Green Light Pigment Photo Chip Chart Rembrandt Rose, Translucent Turquoise Blue-Green, transparent Quinacridone Magenta, Warm Thalo Blue Cyan, Transparent Cobalt Magenta, Cool Ultramarine Blue, Translucent Ultramarine Blue Light Manganese Violet Cobalt Blue French Ultramarine Blue Purple, Transparent Raw Sienna, translucent Ultramarine Violet

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