3 Color Real Color Wheel
Painting Maui Hawaii on Location with Don Jusko

Pioneer Inn
Lahaina, Maui

22x30 Water Color

  I don't use the color Sap Green because it is made with the pigment black in it.  Like Payne's Gray, it sticks out like a sore thumb.  Use Thalo Green with a little Thalo Magenta in it to darken the foreground colors. The middle ground shadows should be mixed with Thalo Purple instead, this will keep your colors lively and accurate.  Even a shiny black car can be painted realistically with out using the pigment black! Yellow and blue pigments make a simular color to black and yellow pigments, you don't ever need black pigment. Orange, magenta and green pigments mixed make a sap green hue.  

#63, Lahaina, Maui, Pioneer Inn, Water Color, 22x30

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