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Painting on Location

Kipahulu, Alii Waterfall Silkscreen

5.5x7.75, Acrylic on Linen Panel
22x30, silkscreen

This small painting is the basis for my second 22x30 silk screen. I can tell you this from my experience of doing everything involved by myself. Twenty-five is good edition, thirty-five is stretching the materials too far..

Drawing the image on a full sized acetate sheet with registration tabs in place, with Acetate Indian ink is the first step. Here all of your color patterns are decided and outlined.

White was the first color run on this silk screen, twelve colors were used. In one vertical "pull" I pulled five blended colors across the support! That was in the waterfall and the pattern area behind it. I most always blend at least two colors per pull.
That's how you can tell it's handmade.

43 Alii Waterfall

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